Jay "Gizmo" Hall, 33, has been playing pickleball for about two years. He began playing pickleball while he was keeping in shape for his firefighting job; before pickleball, he had been playing basketball to keep in shape, but he was invited to play pickleball one day at the gym and never looked back. He has always been self-motivated, whether it was training as an EMT or recovering from gunshot wounds. He translates that ambition and motivation into his pickleball game, constantly traveling to find recreational play and tournaments.

Much like his loud, fun clothing choices, Gizmo brings a level of focused fun to everything he does. He uses pickleball to reach youth in training camps, to encourage adults to be their authentic selves, and to help as many people as possible. His famous cheeseburger icons are a reminder to him, and hopefully to everyone who watches him play, to push forward past limitations that others put on you. When he is not traveling to play pickleball or commentate on matches, Gizmo runs Pickleball Farm, taking breaks to fish and bowhunt when possible. 

He is excited to join Team Vulcan because of the supportive, family-like atmosphere; Gizmo likes that Vulcan's view of pickleball matches his own: it's for all ages and skill levels, from under 8 to over 80 years old.

Notable Wins

  • 2018 Nationals - Bronze in Men's Singles 4.0
  • 2018 West Virginia Crossroads Tournament - Gold in Men's Doubles 5.0
  • 2019 Las Vegas Open - Silver in Mixed Doubles 4.0 19+