BLADE: Designed for today's aggressive game, Blade serves as the top-played franchise on Tour for a reason: commanding feel. Thinner, more flexible beams provide a strong connection and feel for the ball, inspiring players to dictate points. Equipped with a variety of specs, this versatile lineup boasts a sharp design for the next generation of hard-hitting players.

CLASH: Powered by proprietary carbon mapping and a unique frame geometry, Clash sports a revolutionary frame that bends in all-new dimensions while maintaining best-in-class stability. The result is a racket that exudes unmatched confidence with ultimate control and accuracy - a racket that delivers a playing experience unlike any before.

PRO STAFF: The weapon of choice for tennis legends both past and present, Pro Staff features smaller head sizes and flexible beams that help give aggressive, experienced players the exactness they need on every shot. The iconic franchise combines a sleek look with the classic precision that tennis players around the world have come to love.

ULTRA: Ultra redefines power and versatility. Sporting a new frame geometry and grommet system optimized for effortless power, these rackets add a heavy dose of pace for easy depth on shots from all over the court. Featuring a wide variety of head sizes and swing weights, this lineup appeals to players across ability levels.