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Humidome is an easy to use product that maximizes the durability of your badminton shuttlecocks by significantly increasing the humidity inside the shuttlecock tube. When you purchase a tube of shuttlecocks, the humidity inside the tube can often be low, meaning that the shuttles are may break faster than if they were more humid. 

Humidity is the single most important factor in increasing the life expectancy of a feather shuttlecock and Humidome works by creating and maintaining the right level of humidity inside your shuttlecock tube. The shuttlecocks will absorb this humidity which helps them to last considerably longer and perform better. 

By maximizing the durability of your shuttlecocks, you will save money by using less shuttlecocks and your badminton play will be more enjoyable. You can charge and recharge the Humidome by simply submerging it in a bowl of water for about 4 hours once every couple of months.