Yonex Power Cushion Fusion Rev 2 Ladies: All Courts

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Ideal fit and comfort for all surfaces

Emerald Blue
Double Russel Mesh, Durable Skin, Durable Skin Light, P.U.
ToughBrid Light, POWER CUSHION, T.P.U., Power Graphite Sheet
Endurance Rubber

YONEX footwear uses the most advanced materials and technology to ensure absolute protection for your feet during play.

Exclusive YONEX materials absorb and reverse impact energy for smooth and dynamic transfer into the next movement, as well as protecting your body and reducing fatigue.

That's why some of the world's top players are proud to play with YONEX footwear.


The hard top and bottom layers absorb 30% more shock than our original Power Cushion and provide 5% more repulsion for enhanced transfer of energy. The soft middle layer quickly returns to its original shape after receiving a shock load, converting the shock energy into power for fast and light footwork.

ToughBrid Light 

ToughBrid Light retains the exact performance as ToughBrid yet is 11%* lighter, generating a significant reduction in leg and knee stress.

*Tested by YONEX

Round Sole 

The YONEX Round Sole âââââââ‚?is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole ensures smooth movements and the transfer of maximum energy.

Durable Russel Mesh

Double Russel Mesh is an ultra fine mesh that is extremely lightweight and durable.

It provides eight times more air exchange for releasing moisture than ordinary mesh fabric.

Quattro Fit

Shaped shoe technology

The YONEX research and development team continuously assesses the impact of foot shape on fit and comfort in our tennis shoes. The new Quattro Fit System from YONEX addresses the four key areas that impact on fit.

Fit point 01: Smaller toes, Fit point 02: Arch

Designed to reduce the excess space at the front of the shoe that is created by the smaller toes. Shaped shoe technology improves grip and power transfer when accelerating or stopping.

Fit point 03: Mid-foot, Fit point 04: Heel

Re-shaped design at the heel and the mid-foot ensures the foot is held firmly for quick response and direct footwork.

Synchro-Fit Insole 

YONEX new Synchro-Fit Insole construction allows a closer fit between shoe and foot, keeping power loss to an absolute minimum to achieve smoother movement and quicker footwork. Fig1. Compared to conventional footwear, the mid to heel area on the insole is lifted to provide a closer-fit between shoe and foot. Fig2. By holding the heel more firmly against the insole, the gap between shoe and foot is reduced, improving comfort and ensuring the foot does not slip forwards inside the shoe.


A flexible yet strong material that provides perfect support, comfort, and durability for the inner midfoot section.


Innovative design fuses the tongue with the upper shoe material, eliminating excess overlapping and space to firmly secure your foot.


Asymmetric design with a curved eyelet creates a natural snug fit around the inner arch.