At PROLITE, we pride ourselves on being different. It's not only part of our character, it is a goal. Think about our rich history dating back to 1984. Arlen Paranto, the original creator of today’s pickleball paddle structure did not follow the other company’s lead and make wood pickleball paddles. He thought differently. He thought outside the box. His goal was to better pickleball equipment and he did just that!

Fast forward 35 years later to the year 2019. While much of the game’s demographic and influence has changed becoming more mainstream across the world, the philosophy at PROLITE has remained constant. Be a leader, not a follower. Research. Develop. Innovate. Enhance the player’s experience with pickleball paddles leading to confident, controlled, powerful shot selection. PROLITE does just that and has been leading the pickleball market with newly developed paddles that have unique and superior technology. 


The quality of our exclusive carbon fiber is truly some of the best that can be bought. From the moment we laid eyes on it, we were intrigued, but it wasn't until we felt an outdoor pickleball bounce off of the paddle in play when we realized this wasn't any ordinary material. It was special! By far, the best we have ever felt. Carbon fiber does not absorb energy. Carbon fiber disperses energy. This means when it strikes the surface, it disperses the energy throughout EVERY FIBER on the paddle. This is important in our sport to play controlled, take a hard hit, and actually get the ball back softly across the net. Poly carbons appear to have the same affect, but they react almost opposite of that. Poly carbons will bend, and the energy from the hit will trampoline off the surface. To be honest a great player can adjust to either surface. We know that. But, our exclusive carbon fiber is superior to control a hard hit coming at you and slowing the ball down, with control. Carbon fiber at high speed creates less friction, and can feel harder/stiffer when you hit the ball. So, when you wind up and hit a high ball from the net, or a strong baseline stroke if hit hard, its hit with Punishing Power. Carbon fiber under a microscope has a series of small hairs that actually Grab the Ball. As a carbon Fiber paddle ages these small carbon hairs create even more spin on the ball. It's a natural occurrence in the decay on the fibers.



PowerGrit Technology is the first of it's kind in the pickleball paddle industry.  Many companies strive to add roughness to their surface of their paddle models. We decided to go a step further (we can't help it, it's in our chemical makeup) and develop the Surface paddle. We worked relentlessly into the nights over and over until we had it right. Our goal was to develop a surface that not only pushed the limits of roughness allowance, it actually had a gritty surface technology not seen in the industry. We tested numerous prototypes, most we were unsatisfied with. Until we had exactly what we had wanted, PROLITE's exclusive PowerGrit Technology.

PowerGrit Surface Technology

  • A rough surface on the paddle face consisting of small grit texture spread across entire graphic
  • Maximum roughness allowance, while still being an approved paddle
  • Excellent Vibration absorption qualities ensuring a strong and comfortable feel at impact
  • Powerful deflection/rebound with an aggressive stroke
  • Ball absorption/compression at impact - perfect for absorbing the shock from an opponent's hard hit
  • Extra thick layer of polycarbonate aiding better control - not used by competitor brands 



In 2016, we began development of a brand new, highly durable edge guard for our paddles. We felt our edge guard at the time needed improvement, but we also concurred that the paddle market's current edge guard situation among most brands were inferior. We saw many break down rapidly, some even cracking. By the way, that should never occur. Nor should you have an edgeless paddle where scrapes/chipping will occur after the first time you play with your paddle. Your edge guard protects that from occurring as well as providing a solid headweight to your paddle necessary for power and control. 

We knew the process would take time. Numerous prototypes were made until we were completely satisfied. Don't fault perfectionism when it comes to a product we are all passionate about at PROLITE. We try to utilize the philosophy, "Do it right the first time and do your homework!"

What we wanted in an edge guard?

  • Class-a high end classy edge that had a sleek, polished look 
  • Durability, which means a material composition that would would resist breakdown even with the hardest hits to the ball, ground, or other paddle
  • Protection of the inner components of our paddles without compromising headweight
  • Perfect balance and weight distribution no matter what shape the paddle is. If you have the perfect edge guard, why have 2 different types to hit certain weights? It's all about balance points.
  • The "legs" of the guard must taper down towards the face of the paddle with minimal overlap becoming one

What became of this you ask? The sleekest, most durable, resilient, and important component of a paddle, the PROLITE MicroEdge Guard.



While most companies (even more well known companies in the industry) continue to use basic balsa wood handles used for model airplanes or foam handle parts, both of which compress and eventually break down, we decided to take the proactive approach and do what we have always done since the beginning....innovate! Create. Improve. Lead. Our new handle technology is not only different and better. It is superior.

  • Superior handle design
  • Engineered to perform at any level
  • Made of LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene material
  • Designed with Innovative Rib Technology
  • Will not breakdown like foam and balsa handles (keeping shape and weight constant)
  • Unlike any other handle it will give both cushioning as well as support
  • More comfortable
  • Allows to conform to the players hand without flat spots like balsa and foam used by many of the other paddle manufacturers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Does not absorb moisture and sweat
  • Keeps it original shape
  • Made with recyclable material, a greener alternative



PROLITE's very own Pickleball Only End Cap

Some companies take an easy road and buy actual pipe fitting caps like shown below. We have never thought like this. First off, it lacks creativity, ingenuity, and originality. Second, we are not a pipe or plumbing company. We are a pickleball company!

Image result for pipe end caps

  • Tapered toward the handle allowing a flush fit
  • Engineered to become one with the handle by tapering toward the grip of the paddle
  • Not just a tennis racquet end cap that fits to a paddle, IT'S A PICKLEBALL ONLY END CAP
  • Design reduces discomfort of cap 'digging" into player's hand


           PROLITE's Form Fitting End cap