CRBN 3X Power Series


Size: 14mm

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Rafael Marrero
Great paddle, recommended 100%

Excellent power and good control. I am very happy with this paddle. If you find a discount for this paddle, don't hesitate to buy one.

mario sinicropi
Buyer beware

Nice racquet but quite unforgiving for control. Sweet spot not large

David Goodhue
Some paddles

Some paddles are worth the extra money... this is one of them!

Dave H in Ottawa
CRBN2 (control series)

Great paddle (CRBN2 control, square shape) with very good control / spin, with a decent amount of power as well. The face does get dirty so suggest your purchase the CRBN eraser to clean the face or a similar cleaning product for carbon fibre paddles

Ken M
CRBN 3X Power Series

Good power, good spin (lots of ball dust), good control (not overly poppy but still takes an adjustment period).
At 8.2 oz, swing weight felt fine even for an elongated thermo paddle. Although wrist snaps took a little more effort. But well balanced - may not need to add lead tape.
Wow on sweet spot. Generous. Inspires confidence.
Not a big fan of tackiness of grip but that's just personal preference. Could add overgrip, but will likely be changing to my fav grip brand to retain 4&1/8 circumference.
So overall, impressed with performance of paddle. But I mean, you should be for that price tag. Justifiable - I keep telling myself.

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