Yonex Arc Saber 11 Tour Badminton Racket Frame


model: 3UG4

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Martin Stewart
Yonex Arcsaber11 Tour Rackets

Bought 2 x Arcsaber 11 Tour rackets and the rackets arrived via UPS as I was told.
Prior to purchasing the Tour rackets, I had questions concerning the racket, mostly quality related and what differences there were between the Tour and the 75$ more expensive Pro version (which I played with before this purchase). My questions were answered professionally and accurately, which I appreciated since it played a big part in my decision to go with the Tour model this time.
In the past I had bought some Yonex shoes from them and their service was terrific, despite my reservations about buying online.
I would not hesitate to buy from them again in the future nor would I have any issues with recommending them to anyone for their next badminton gear purchase.

Nahidul Islam

Li-Ning Windstorm-72 Badminton Racket Frame (Purple) [AYPM198]

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